"They want you to succeed and they work with you as your advocate.
It's a collaborative, positive experience." -Cindy Leach, CopperSands

Empower your insurance program —
get personalized, proactive management with Magnolia.

If you're an employer, insurer, captive or risk retention group, Magnolia can help you manage and enhance your long-term care program(s). We take a hands-on, across-the-board approach, emphasizing proactive intervention over simply regulatory compliance. Our track record for lowering claims, reducing expenses and increasing profitability underscores our commitment to strategic partnership and beginning-to-end client support.

You'll find we are flexible with how we approach management or program administration fees, which are always competitive and often much lower than other LTC program managers or loss control companies. That's because we are willing to offer our management services on a performance based, fee driven structure. Our focus is strategic partnership – we share in your success based on improvement in your results.

All-Inclusive or A La Carte Program Administration? It's up to you.
We provide all-inclusive, turnkey program administration, or we can work with you on a per service basis. Our "soup to nuts" flexibility empowers you to customize and configure your company and/or facility program to meet your unique business requirements. We're committed to finding your best option or program solution.

Magnolia is ready and willing to assist with any, or all, of your insurance or program management needs, including:

Perform daily operations for RRGs specializing in LTC facility insurance

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